Ice Spice Goes From The ‘Deli’ To ‘Saturday Night Live’ As The First Musical Guest Of Season 49

Ice Spice’s ascension as the hip-hop it-girl of the year continues as Saturday Night Live announces the lineup for its return next week, October 14. The show’s return has been in doubt since the paired Writers’ Guild of America and Screen Actors’ Guild strikes basically shut down all of Hollywood for the second time in the past four years, but with the studios capitulating to the writers’ demands, production has resumed on at least some shows, including SNL.

In addition to the temporary return of Pete Davidson to the cast as guest host, Ice Spice will make her late-night TV debut as the musical guest. She’ll have plenty of hit songs to choose from for her performance, including “Barbie World,” “Boy’s A Liar, Pt. 2,” “Deli,” “In Ha Mood,” “Princess Diana,” and of course, her breakout hit “Munch.” And although her Dunkin Donuts ad spot with Ben Affleck had her looking a little stiff, who knows? Maybe she’ll also turn out to be a comedic genius should she get added to any skits as part of her planned acting career transition.

One thing is for sure: This performance will almost certainly be safer than her recent set at the Listen Out Music Festival in Sydney, Australia. During a performance of “Princess Diana,” Spice’s backside was nearly singed as she twerked in her signature short skirt a little too close to the pyrotechnics. Talk about your wardrobe malfunctions. Hopefully, she can avoid anymore fashion mishaps when she takes the SNL stage on October 14.