Ice Spice Is ‘In Ha Mood’ About A Rowdy Crowd That Forced Her To Cut Her New York Fashion Week Concert Short

Ice Spice may have aspirations around dipping her toe into acting, but it’s her fan base, the Munchkins, that are causing a scene. The Bronx native has quickly risen to the top of new-age rap conversations thanks to her viral smash “Munch,” but she is still getting used to the outpouring of admiration in public.

However, the craze reached all new heights during her concert yesterday night (February 11) for New York Fashion Week. Appearing at Tia Adeola x Bowery Showroom’s collaborative concert at the Williamsburg Hotel Ballroom, Ice Spice was forced to end her guest set earlier due to the unruly crowd pushing up onto the low stage.

As the crowd begins to inch up on the rapper, she is heard yelling, “Relax,” to the overly excited concertgoers, but it doesn’t seem to work. Spice then tries to wait for attendees to follow her advice, but her security doesn’twant to risk it, quickly ushering her off stage to a backstage area.

From another angle, you can see just how chaotic the sold-out crowd is before Spice is rushed away. After Spice is moved to a secure location, you can hear the DJ saying, “I’m not going to lie, New York City, I am very disappointed in y’all.”

Before leaving the venue, did she have the opportunity to perform a few songs from her EP Like…?, including “In Ha Mood.”

Spice raps about being the new Princess Diana, but perhaps she didn’t look into the late royal family member’s life before making the declaration.