Is Kanye West Going On A World Tour In 2024?

With Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign hosting a listing for their upcoming joint album Vultures, fans have begun speculating about whether or not the album will be accompanied by a tour. Ever since Kanye’s antisemitism scandal, he hasn’t exactly had potential sponsors leaping at the chance to work with him (especially with the contemporary political climate). But that hasn’t stopped a variety of profiles on Twitter (which still says “Twitter” in the URL so shoo with all that “X” talk) from posting screenshots of a purported “merch site” listing concert tickets for a Vultures World Tour.

The site has supposedly been deactivated, but at this point, premature announcements and half-baked ideas are par for the course for Kanye, who gave a quarter-hearted attempt at running for president in 2020, slapped together the last few rus of his YZY Supply fashion line, was apparently a terrible business partner at Adidas, rarely showing up for meetings and playing porn for other attendees if he ever did show up, and announcing a “worldwide listening event” for Vultures, only to scale it down to a “rave” in Miami when he finally realized that no venues at the scale he envisioned want to work with him anymore. Because, again, he’s said some truly wild stuff — like “praising Hitler” wild — in his efforts to be an “edgy” artiste. Welcome to the edge, I guess.

If you’re one of those people who is only too happy to get scammed by Ye — again — in the interest of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy nostalgia, keep an eye out. I’m sure there are still some backyards or skinhead rallies or something he can book.