Jai Paul’s Coachella Performance Will Be His First Live Show Ever

This year’s Coachella lineup is nothing short of historic. Bad Bunny is the first Latin act to headline the festival; Blackpink is the first girl group and K-pop act to headline. On top of all that, it’s Frank Ocean’s first show in a while and his Coachella performance has been long-awaited.

What’s more, Jai Paul is performing his first live show ever. The 34-year-old songwriter and producer is known for his enigmatic nature. Fellow Coachella performer Kaytranada expressed enthusiasm on Twitter: “forget about me performing, i’m going to see Jai Paul.”

Paul returned in 2019 with his first material since his debut album leak in 2013. “I wanted to use this opportunity to share a little information about what happened regarding my music in April 2013,” he wrote at the time. “As you may know, some of my unfinished demos were put up for sale illegally via Bandcamp. The leak consisted of a fairly random collection of tracks I had made over quite a long period of time (from roughly 2007 to 2013), in various stages of completion. Some are short skits and beats from my MySpace page back in the day before I signed a record deal. A large proportion of this music was to be completed and released officially in some format.”

He’ll be performing Sunday, April 16 and 23, the same days as Ocean.