Jay-Z Is In Love With Doja Cat’s ‘Jeezu’ Verse From ‘The Book Of Clarence’ Soundtrack: ‘This Feels Like A New Space’

Last year, Doja Cat went to the ends of the Earth to distance herself from her pre-Scarlet album releases. At one point, the rapper even labeled her breakout songs such as “Say So” as a “cash grab.”

Despite pissing off a few hundred thousand followers in the process, Doja’s evolution to a full-fledged lyrical miracle rapper has been complete. After appearing on the track “Jeezu” off of The Book Of Clarence’s soundtrack, Doja Cat even earned the praises of Jay-Z (mainly rap purists’ goat).

On January 11, during the audio-only fireside chat, A Conversation with Jeymes Samuel And Jay-Z, hosted by Gia Peppers, the hip-hop titan showed love to Doja’s standout bars on X (formerly Twitter).

“Even with Doja [Cat] on [the soundtrack],” he said. “Her performance on [‘Jeezu’] was unlike anything that I’ve heard from her. The way she attacks that music it’s like, ‘Wow, this is a different Doja.’ And it may not be different for her. I don’t know. That’s a question for her. It may not have felt different for her, but as a listener, as someone who has consumed her music and loves what she does, I was like, ‘Man, this feels new for her.’ This feels like a new space.”

Listen to the entire chat below.

The Book Of Clarence is in theaters now. Find more information here.