Cheer Up, Ben Affleck: You’re Starring In A Super Bowl Commercial For Dunkin’ With Jennifer Lopez

Why did Ben Affleck look so miserable at the Grammys? The official explanation is that he was tired (a powerful reminder that no more awards show should be longer than two and a half hours, maybe two hours and 45 minutes), but I think it’s because he was feeling glum that he hasn’t starred in a Dunkin’ movie yet. It’s OK, Ben. You’re getting the next best thing: a Super Bowl commercial for Boston’s favorite chain restaurant.

Dunkin’s first Super Bowl commercial will star the actor and feature a cameo from his wife, Jennifer Lopez (is it asking too much to get Doughboys co-host and Quincy native Mike Mitchell in there, too?). The ad was filmed in Boston in January, “and will have exclusive behind-the-scenes videos with Affleck after the ad airs during the big game on Sunday,” according to People. Dunkin’ teased the ad on Instagram with a video that reads “Something’s Ben Brewing 2.12.23,” along with the caption, “feelin’ like we could all use some Dunkin’ today.”

Affleck filmed the spot at a Medford, Massachusetts, location. He was captured on the set serving up the breakfast chain’s coffee and donuts to unsuspecting drive-thru patrons. While working at the window, the devout Dunkin’ fan wore an employee uniform.

He gave up playing Batman to star in a Dunkin’ commercial? Honestly, I’ve never respected Affleck more (I am being 100 percent serious).

(Via People)