JID And Lil Yachty Artistically Match Each Other’s Energy On Their New Single, ‘Van Gogh’

Two of the hottest in the game right now have linked up for a double dose of magic. Tonight (September 1), rappers JID and Lil Yachty dropped a two-track EP, titled BlakkBoyz present Half Doin Dope/Van Gogh. On the new project is a track called “Van Gogh,” where the two heavy hitters go back and forth, rapping with the ease of a paintbrush on a canvas.

“The hardest thing for me is stayin’ composed / ‘Cause killin’ sh*t is really all that I know / Funeral goes, casket closed / The choir sings, the pastor goes,” raps JID on the song’s opening verse.

The song gently flows into Yachty’s verse, on which, he brags about an exciting year he’s had, while reminding everyone of the quick-witted bars that made him such a promising act.

“Couldn’t dent the Ferrari, sh*t feel like a coffin / I use the codeine without coughin’, I sleep without tossin’ / She call me daddy ’cause I’m bossin’ / I had a show in two cities, call me Dallas Austin / When I talk, I’m flossin’,” raps Yachty.

The song boasts four verses, and the two artists showcase their undeniable musical chemistry with each other over the course of the song.

You can listen to “Van Gogh” above.