Lil Yachty’s Self-Assured ‘Slide’ Video Is A Subtle Reminder Of His Unfazed Swag

On Lil Yachty’s latest album, Let’s Start Here, the musician explored his inner rocker. But don’t think he has completely turned away from rap music. With the release of his new single, “Slide,” Yachty effortlessly glides back into the genre. As GENT! and Bangs’ production still pulls from the psychedelic elements of Let’s Start Here, it is the bravado of hip-hop that makes “Slide” pop.

In the official video for the track, Yachty and the visual’s director provide fans with a subtle reminder of how much cooler he is compared to other rappers. Whether he’s lounging around eating pizza or hanging out with friends, Yachty isn’t fazed by what others are doing because he’s in a lane all his own.

That mindset shows up throughout the song’s lyrics, especially in the stanza, “Yeah, keep it intact, all of my n****s know just how to act (Yeah)
These n****s act like thеy ain’t never had b*tches, thеy ain’t keepin’ it player (‘Kay) / Beatin’ that sh*t out the square, ain’t even playin’ it fair (Yeah) / Ain’t gotta worry, ain’t sayin’ sh*t, shit like I wasn’t even there (Huh).”

This “cooler than the other side of pillow” energy is sure to show up when Yachty hits the road in the fall for his Field Tribe Global Tour.

Watch the video for “Slide” above.