Jim Jones Says His Mother Tongue-Kissed Him To Teach Him How And Fans Are Shocked

Jim Jones, of the Harlem rap crew The Diplomats, is a couple of years removed from his last full-length project, 2019’s El Capo, and while he’s off album cycle, that hasn’t stopped him from making the usual media rounds for rappers trying to stay relevant in the fast-paced streaming era. His latest stop was Angela Yee‘s Lip Service podcast, where she talks about relationships and sex with hip-hop and R&B stars — the perfect venue for the sort of unusual, potentially viral quote that keeps one’s name in the headlines.

Jones, who recently ended his feud with French Montana, definitely delivered, offering up a semi-scandalous description of one of his earliest learning experiences in the arena of intimacy. When asked about his sex education, Jones shared that his mom was a big part of it — including teaching him how to kiss. When Yee asked what instructions he was given, she — and her listeners — were surprised to learn that this part of his education was (ahem) hands-on. “There wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth,” Jones said.


Naturally, plenty of fans had opinions, with the sentiment that Jones was taken advantage of prevailing. Many of the messages that popped up found fans calling Jones an unknowing victim of abuse, with more than a few chastening other commenters for cracking wise about his revelation. You can see more reactions below.