Jim Jones Hit The Streets Of Harlem To Deliver A Diss Track In Response To Pusha T’s Shots At Him

Latto told her haters to put it on the floor. But when it comes to the sizzling beef between Jim Jones and Pusha T, they’d instead put it on a beat. In response to the latest round of shoots, Jim Jones hit the streets of his hometown, Harlem, New York, to deliver yet another diss track to Pusha T’s shots at him.

What started over a simple matter of opinion, when Jones stated that he didn’t feel that Pusha T wasn’t one of the 50 greatest rappers of all time, has turned into a musical feud that won’t die out. On Jim Jones’ new diss, “Summer Collection,” he aimed not only at Pusha T but also his brother No Malice.

In one of the track’s opening punches, Jones rapped, “Y’all n****s don’t know what to do in a raid / Kanye gave y’all whips, but that’s what they do to the slaves,” a cleverly worded double entendre referencing both the brutality of chattel slavery as well as Pusha T’s business dealings with Ye and his record label G.O.O.D. Music.

Jones is letting it be known that he wasn’t a fan of the jabs Pusha T threw during the Louis Vuitton fashion show by poking fun at Pusha’s style. “You be dressing kinda weird man you really need a stylist/Plus we all know what you identify with / Plus you kinda, sorta dress, n***a, you been a fly b*tch/And then he said I was trying to chase a feature / N***a’s a gorilla cause he got some apes in his features/All my gorillas got stones, I’ll have these apes come and meet you,” rapped Jones.

Before the song ends, Jones is sure to take a dig at Pusha T’s brother and Clipse member, spitting, “Plus, you got your brother rappin’ / What you tryna bring the Clipse back? / Speaking of your brother, what happened to that boy? / It looks like they’ve been selling crack to the boy.” Jones must’ve figured that if Pusha T can mention Drake’s young son in his 2018 diss “The Story of Adidon,” then his adult brother and fellow rapper is up for decision.

Watch the full video directed by From The Block above.