The Jonas Brothers Guested On ‘Billy On The Street’ And Yelled At Strangers About Their Comeback

The Jonas Brothers are back! Ma’am! The Jonas Brothers are back!

No one is more excited than comedian Billy Eichner about the legendary boy band’s return. Eichner, Kevin, Joe, and Nick took to the streets of New York City to share the news with the world on a new episode of Eichner’s web series Billy On The Street.

As with all Billy On The Streets episodes, there’s a frantic, stressed-out energy as Eichner approaches strangers with his celebrity guests. He runs through the streets, shoving a microphone in strangers’ faces and capturing their off-the-cuff reactions. There’s a wide variety of responses — one woman asks Nick if he had a nice time at his recent wedding to Priyanka Chopra, but appears totally unfazed standing face-to-face with a singer she reads news about. One young woman tells the band she saw them in San Diego. One jokes about how she heard their new album. (She probably meant to say “single,” but maybe she’s got an advance stream.)

It’s a fun video, capturing the thrill and excitement of the Jonas Brothers’ return. Even if not every New Yorker is appropriately enthused, it’s great to have them back making music together again.

Watch the Jonas Brothers’ episode of Billy On The Street above.