Apparently, Julia Fox Also Dated One Of Kanye West’s Biggest Frenemies

While some of us are mostly invested in Kanye West as a musician, there are apparently many, many people who care a great deal — perhaps even too much — about his love life. Headlines about the controversial rapper/producer have revolved around his nascent relationship with actress Julia Fox lately, as Ye works to move on from his divorce from Kim Kardashian West.

Another thing people are truly interested in is Kanye’s passive-aggressive feud with Drake. While the two rappers apparently buried the hatchet at their Free Larry Hoover concert in LA last year, they’ve appeared to settle their differences in the past before something sets one or the other off and they go back to taking petty subliminal jabs at each other in their music.

Here’s where that particular Venn diagram of interests intersects: According to Page Six, Drake and Ye have yet another thing in common. They both dated Julia Fox. A source told Page Six that Drake DMed Fox shortly after her role in 2019’s Uncut Gems, and when her prior relationship with Peter Artemiev broke up, the two spent some time together in New York in 2020, leading to drinks, a workplace drop-in, and a flight to LA, where Drake allegedly bought a pair of Birkin bags for Fox.

Fox was shacking up with Drake in Toronto the COVID-19 pandemic finally prompted lockdown measures, which sent Fox back home to the US due to the imminent closure of the US/Canada border. Fox reunited with Artemiev before meeting Kanye on New Year’s Eve, and the rest, as they say, is history. Whether this revelation leads to another round of back-and-forth between Drake and Ye remains to be seen, but considering Kanye is supposed to release his next album, Donda 2, next month, there might not be much longer to wait to find out.