Julien Baker Tries Her Hand At Electro-Pop With A Cover Of Bleachers’ ‘Everybody Lost Somebody’

Last November, Jack Antonoff announced the official end of BleachersGone Now era with the upcoming release of Terrible Thrills Vol. 3. Antonoff has capped off the album cycles for his other albums as Bleachers by releasing a re-imagined version of the album, with every song covered by another artist.

Antonoff is trying something different with Terrible Thrills, Vol. 3. The covers are being released as a series of 7-inch vinyls and only vinyls. Antonoff has said he’s fine with the songs making wider circulation, though, and knows that fans online are gonna be fans online — they’ll find a way to listen regardless.

A new batch of 7-inches have apparently shipped out, and one fan was generous enough to record their contents for YouTube. This time, it’s singer-songwriter Julien Baker covering “Everybody Lost Somebody.” While Baker’s own music, whether solo or in her Boygenius project, tends to be on the more guitar-based end of atmospheric, she sounds absolutely gorgeous over “Everybody Lost Somebody” ‘s melancholy synths. Baker’s voice is so evocative you can hear her longing to piece herself back together. She starts quiet and restrained, but the song builds to incredible catharsis by the bridge.

Listen to Julien Baker’s cover of “Everybody Lost Somebody” above.