Watch Justin Bieber Give The Chainsmokers A Hell Of A Pep Talk

Should this whole music thing not work out for Justin Bieber (LOL), then he might have a second career as a motivational speaker or Canadian Football League coach. Exhibit A is this backstage pep talk he gave The Chainsmokers before a show. The dance-music duo posted the speech to their Instagram on December 8 with the caption “TBT to the game time speech from JB and Rory Kramer.”

And Bieber gives the speech of a man who was taught to whole-ass one thing. “You wanna win tonight?” he shouts at the dude-bros behind “Closer.”

After they respond to the question enthusiastically, Bieber breaks down his philosophy of the world.

“There’s winners and there’s losers,” he said. “What kind of man do you wanna be?”

“I want to be a winner,” says one, before the other takes the air out of the Biebz speech by jokingly saying “I want to be like you!”

As far as Bieber speeches go, it rates about three Gippers more inspiring than his drunk Kanye West-inspired speech from early this year.

“Let’s have a good night. Let’s enjoy ourselves. Let’s be ourselves. I think the thing the world struggles with most is just being ourselves,” he said at the time. “I think people hate on people that just are themselves, you know?”

Of course, with Instagram being the literal devil, it’s unlikely that Bieber saw the shout-out.