Justin Timberlake And The Super Bowl Selfie Kid Reunite And Plan Their Next Selfie On ‘Ellen’

This year’s Super Bowl was noteworthy because it was a high-scoring game that was close until the underdog Philadelphia Eagles held onto their win against the New England Patriots in the final seconds… and also just because it’s the Super Bowl. That said, for a ton of viewers worldwide, the biggest memory of the biggest game of the year comes courtesy of Ryan McKenna, who you know better as the halftime show selfie kid.

McKenna’s fateful photo and the awkward moments leading up to it solidified his place in pop culture history, and while he got an amazing photo with Justin Timberlake, he didn’t really actually meet the singer. That changed (sort of) when McKenna dropped by Ellen today and, to his surprise, reconnected with Timberlake over the phone (presumably, he was too busy promoting Man Of The Woods to visit in person).

A couple minutes into McKenna and Ellen’s conversation about the photo, Ellen surprised a very shocked McKenna with a phone call from Timberlake. McKenna was then further overwhelmed when Timberlake presented his gift to him: The singer said he wants to properly meet McKenna, so he and his got VIP passes to the Massachusetts stop of his Man Of The Woods tour (and the NFL also gave them a nice package of goodies that includes tickets and special access to a Patriots home game next season).

Before Ellen ended the segment and threw to commercial, Timberlake signed off by saying, “Ryan, I look forward to meeting you and our second selfie together.”

Watch the video above, and read more about McKenna’s selfie here.