Atlanta Rapper Kali’s Debut EP ‘Toxic Chocolate’ Turns The Tables On The F-Boys Of Hip-Hop

For quite some time, hip-hop has been dominated by a style that fans have come to describe as “toxicity.” Pioneered by moody rappers like Future and Drake, it’s marked by passive aggression, avoidant attachment, and audio gaslighting, with rappers and singers delighting in keeping their significant others guessing in the narratives of their songs. Notably, this style has also been dominated by men — until now.

Atlanta newcomer Kali looks to shake up the status quo with her debut EP, Toxic Chocolate, in which she turns the tables on the f*ckboys of hip-hop, using their manipulative tactics to even the odds and give them a taste of their own medicine. After initially gaining popularity on TikTok — how else? — with her breakout single “Mmm Mmm,” Kali makes the most of that attention on Toxic Chocolate, demonstrating her gift for wordplay and her spicy relationship sensibilities.

In the standout single “UonU” featuring Yung Bleu, Kali promises to play an Uno reverse card on a cheating boyfriend, while on “Standards,” she throws down a gauntlet, explaining why she “ain’t doin’ that back and forth sh*t.” Further promoting the new EP, she revels in other women’s relationship drama and gives them some supremely bad — but satisfying — advice via her Toxic Chocolate Hotline skit, which you can watch above.

Kali’s already off to a great start and will build on that momentum this month when she joins her “Mmm Mmm” collaborator, fellow Atlantan Latto, on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour kicking off March 19 in Santa Cruz, California, with more episodes of her Hotline to come.

Watch episode one of the Toxic Chocolate Hotline series featuring Sukihana above and stream Toxic Chocolate here.