Kanye West Pens A Handwritten Note For A Huge Gap Mural

Kanye West’s life is coming full circle. Years and years ago, Kanye West used to work at a Gap store. Now, his Yeezy brand is teaming up with the clothing retailer for a new line, Yeezy Gap. Now that Kanye is officially involved with the brand, a giant mural featuring a handwritten message from the rapper has popped up.

The art is on a newly renovated Gap store in Kanye’s Chicago hometown. In the brief message, Kanye touches on his history with the brand, the level of dedication he is putting into Yeezy Gap, and even Tron:

“Thank God. Hi Chicago, it’s Ye. This is the Gap store I used to shop at when I would drive my Nissan from the Southside. So Blessed. I thank God and I am so humbled at the opportunity to serve. I put my heart into the color palette and every detail.”

I love Tron the original.

Do you like stuff? I don’t know what to do with my hands. Love, YZY Yeezy.”

This past weekend was a huge one for Kanye. Aside from the Gap news, he and Kid Cudi shared a teaser for their animated Kids See Ghosts show, and Kanye opened the vault to share a once-shelved “Spaceships” video.

Check out the mural below.