Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Vultures’: Everything To Know Including The Release Date, Tracklist, And More

Although the initial release date for Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign’s joint album Vultures has come and gone, that hasn’t deterred Kanye’s fans from continuing to clamor for the project. After all, some release shenanigans are par for the course when it comes to the mercurial producer, who has released albums days after they were due and opted to put them out on proprietary tech.

He’s also been a bit distracted, with his attention being split between putting out the publicity fire his antisemtic comments set to his career and stewing over his (just) treatment by friends and business partners who din’t want to be smeared by association. He still seems intent on putting out Vultures after all this — and Ty seems perfectly fine going along for the ride — so, here’s everything we know about the album so far.

Release Date

Vultures is now allegedly coming out on December 31 after a third (second?) listening event, this time to be held in Saudi Arabia.


While Ty shared a tracklist, it seems unlikely that this will be the final sequencing after Backstreet Boys protested “Everybody” for sampling their 1997 hit of the same time and Nicki Minaj turned down offers to appear on “New Body” since Kanye asked at the last minute — and will almost certainly not be clearing it now.

1. “Everybody” Feat. Charlie Wilson, Lil Baby
2. “Back To Me” Feat. Freddie Gibbs, Offset, Quavo
3. “Fuk Sumn” Feat. Playboi Carti, Quavo
4. “Time Moving Slow”
5. “Beg Forgiveness” Feat. Charlie Brown
6. “So Good”
7. “Paid” Feat. Future
8. “Timbo Freestyle”
9. “Slide”
10. “New Body” Feat. Nicki Minaj
11. “Promotion”
12. “Vultures” Feat. Bump J, Lil Durk
13. “Lifestyle”
14. “Drunk” Feat. Bad Bunny, Kodak Black
15. “Worship”
16. “River” Feat. Young Thug
17. “Gun To My Head”
18. “Unlock”


Although Nicki’s out, the guest list will supposedly still include contemporary faves like Lil Baby, Quavo, Offset, Future, Playboi Carti, Kodak Black, Lil Durk, Bad Bunny, and Young Thug. However the most intriguing inclusion for day-one Ye heads should be Bump J, the Chicago rapper who worked with him early in both their careers. Also, Kanye’s daughter is apparently included despite being uncredited on the tracklist.


Ty Dolla also shared the proposed cover art, but as with all things Kanye, don’t be suprised to see things change in the coming weeks.



No singles have yet been released, but Kanye previously teased the album with the Backstreet-sampling “Everybody.”


A merch site briefly offered tickets for a “world tour,” but disappeared, leading to speculation that Kanye is planning a tour — although for him, that should be read more like “wants to do” rather than “is currently doing the work to ensure that such a thing actually happens.”