A Knockoff Of Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runners Was Removed From Walmart’s Site After A Lawsuit

Rappers and beef go together like burgers at barbecues, but there’s one recurring foe that rappers have been unable to defeat despite repeated attempts: Walmart’s website. Specifically, third-party sellers on Walmart’s website, who love knocking off rapper’s signature products and trademarks to take advantage of fans who don’t want to pay full price to support their favorite artists’ dreams. Rappers who have had to complain about fakes include 21 Savage, whose Jason Voorhees mask and “Savage” chain designs appeared on the site, and Lil Baby, who went off on the retailer for selling fake 4PF chains, last year.

This time around, it’s Kanye West who has a grievance against Walmart, per TMZ, and instead of chains of dubious quality and origin, it’s Kanye’s infamous footwear line being disputed. Kanye and his brand, Yeezy, filed a lawsuit against Walmart for carrying the “Daeful Mens Womens Kids Summer Beach Shoes” — which were really just fake Yeezy Foam Runners — for $25. The third-party listing was taken down by Walmart, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of other bootleggers from selling their fakes elsewhere, as TMZ notes.

And hey, not to victim blame here or anything, but they’re not exactly the hardest design to copy, and if the market says they aren’t worth the $75 retail price then that might be something Kanye wants to take note of. Why anyone would want them is beyond me (if you’re paying retail for these, you must really value comfort over style), but ironically, Yeezy is facing a lawsuit from Walmart as well, as Walmart claims his new Yeezy logo infringes on theirs due to a very similar look.