The Internet Thinks Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ Is A Taylor Swift Diss And They Might Be Right

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The Katy Perry – Taylor Swift beef just might never end. It’s been going on for years and just when you think it may have come to pass, Katy Perry releases a new single that seems to be aimed squarely at her rival. On the surface “Swish Swish” might seem like a regular, bouncy pop record with Nicki Minaj doing her Generous Queen thing but the lyrics send some not-so-thinly-veiled shots at somebody, and the internet thinks they know who.

Taylor. Duh. The song is about Taylor Swift.

After Katy released the track late Thursday night Twitter was abuzz, not just because two of the biggest pop stars in the world released a new record, but because of the jabs throughout from both Katy and Nicki. “Don’t you come for me / No, not today/you’re calculated / I’ve got your number / Because you’re a joke / and I’m a courtside killer queen,” Katy says on the track before Nicki adds “Don’t be tryna double back / I already despise you / All that fake love you showin’/ couldn’t even disguise you” on her verse.

They never name names, but judging by the reaction from Taylor’s best bud Ruby Rose, you don’t really have to guess what she thought of the track or who she thought it was about.

She did clarify though, she’s not talking to Nicki, who might have just been sending more shots at Remy Ma anyway.

Then she tried to say her motive was something else entirely.

Naturally, Twitter had fun with the entire situation.