Kehlani Finds Their Peace ‘Next 2 U’ On Their New Single

Kehlani is opening themselves up to love. Ahead of their upcoming forth album, Crash, they’ve shared “Next 2 U,” their soft, sweet romantic ballad.

On “Next 2 U,” Kehlani finds themselves smitten and in a state of infatuation. But now, having experienced heartbreak in different forms, they are ready to let down their walls and invite in the feelings of love and infatuation.

“You’re more than the sun, you’re why the sun beams / Your love is high, wide like a river / And if I die, I already fell in love / I know what it’s like to feel like I’m dyin’ in peace,” Kehlani sings on the song’s chorus.

Kehlani has never been one to shy away from any emotion, but when speaking with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about their upcoming album, Crash, they revealed that they had the most fun making this project, compared to their others.

“I wanted to make things for once that didn’t feel reminiscent,” said Kehlani. “For once, I’m not attached to some story or some public thing or some trauma or some deep explanations. As we go out this process and we have to talk to each other a bunch to all these people, I have nothing but joyful things to say to you.”

You can listen to “Next 2 U” above.

Crash is out 6/24 via Atlantic. Find more information here.