Kenny Beats Gifted An Aspiring Young Rapper With A Brand New Home Studio

Every so often, social media produces a moment of genuine inspiration and human connection amid all the #artistisoverparty hashtags and Donald Trump tweets. Yesterday, hip-hop hit maker Kenny Beats, who has worked with stars within the genre like 03 Greedo, Denzel Curry, Rico Nasty, and more, provided one of those heartwarming social media moments when he gifted a creative young wannabe producer with a brand new home studio, courtesy of some generous donors.

It all started when a photo meme went viral on Twitter, as one user posted the photo of the pre-teen producer recording himself on a jerry-rigged setup consisting of a smartphone dangling on its cord from the upper railing of his bunk bed. “He supposed to be cleaning his room, not in the damn studio,” read the caption, although the poster was simply sharing the photo, not the person who took it. Within hours, though, the young man had been identified by social sleuths, who shared his YouTube page and his self-shot video, “Black Lives Matter,” which sees him discussing current events through his own inexperienced lens.

That’s when Kenny got involved. “We gotta find him and get him some equipment!” he tweeted. Once the link was shared with him, it wasn’t long before Kenny had gotten in contact with the youngster — and presumably his parents — and arranged to send him equipment, including a computer, microphones, and more. Among the supporters who chipped in to help were Bay Area rapper Guapdad4000, Billie Eilish’s producer/brother Finneas, Dom McLennon of Brockhampton, and popular music vlogger Anthony Fantano.

The best part? Kenny wondered in the tweet announcing the donation whether it could become a monthly tradition. Let’s hope it does and more young aspiring artists can be supported in pursuing their dreams early in life.

Check out Kenny and Ray chopping it up above.