Kenny Mason Passionately Performs A Medley Of Album Cuts In His ‘Strays 02’ Video

Atlanta upstart Kenny Mason had a breakout year with his 2020 album Angelic Hoodrat and its Supercut deluxe edition, but like most artists over the past year, he wasn’t able to celebrate or build on the momentum by performing his songs live on tour. As a compromise, he used his “Strays” video as a stage to perform his songs when there weren’t any available live, demonstrating his passionate energy and hyping fans up for the return of live shows. Today, he released “Strays 02,” a follow-up featuring a medley of Angelic Hoodrat songs, just a day after sharing the video for “4ever.”

As in the “4ever” video, Kenny occupies a cavernous darkened space with only a spotlight and a mic — in fact, “Strays 02” looks a lot like an extension of that video, which was likely excerpted from this longer performance. He sports his trademark Atlanta Braves jersey and goes for broke, showing off the diversity of styles he utilizes on Angelic Hoodrat, with a setlist that includes “Rih,” “PTSD,” the album’s title track, “Chevron,” “4ever,” and “Pup.”

With these songs and guest appearances with fan favorites like IDK (on “Cereal” with JID) and Freddie Gibbs (on Kenny’s own “Much Money“), Kenny’s maintaining that momentum, which will almost certainly result in an explosion of attention and accolades when he returns to the stage for real.

Watch Kenny Mason’s “Strays” video above.

Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut is out now. Get it here.

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