Kid Cudi Calls On Eminem For Some Kind Of ‘Help’

Now that Kid Cudi has his long-awaited collaboration with Travis Scott out of the way, it looks like he’s setting his sights even higher for his next rap partnership. “The Scotts,” which debuted in the last week of April and earned Cudi his first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 a week later, appears to have given the veteran rap crooner a taste of the top, so it’s only natural he’d want to return there as soon as possible. Maybe that’s why Cudi reached out to the “rap god,” Eminem, with a tweet asking for help yesterday.

Eminem certainly has plenty of experience hanging out in the Billboard top ten; earlier this year, he broke the record for most No. 1 albums in a row, and last year, he tied Jay-Z for the third-most Top 10 Hot 100 appearances. He surpassed that number in relatively short order with songs from his album, Music To Be Murdered By, which produced the high-speed hit “Godzilla.”

A few years ago, Cudi’s Em-signal might have met little more than ridicule from the notoriously prickly old head, who spent most of the two albums before Music To Be Murdered By railing against any rapper more than 10 years younger than himself. But Em seems to have loosened up lately, employing a few more melodic hip-hop artists on his latest project; late Chicago rapper Juice WRLD, who was known almost more for his singing as his rapping, appeared on the aforementioned “Godzilla,” so an Em verse on a Cudi song may not sound as out-of-place as it once might have. If Cudi received a positive response, it’s almost a sure thing we’ll all find out about it soon.

Listen to Cudi’s latest, “The Scotts” with Travis Scott, above.