Kid Cudi Wants To Hop On A Remix Of Zendaya And Labrinth’s New ‘Euphoria’ Song ‘I’m Tired’

Yesterday, Zendaya and Labrinth unveiled the sprawling song, “I’m Tired,” that played at the end of the overwhelming Euphoria finale. A version was released in early February after the fourth episode without Zendaya, but her vocals caught the attention of the watchers who lingered during the credits of the show on Sunday night, especially since the lyrics seemed very relevant to Rue’s character.

After tweeting the track, famous rapper Kid Cudi quote-tweeted it and noted that he wants in: “Please dear GOD put me on a remix of this @Zendaya @Labrinth,” he wrote. Zendaya responded by saying, “Yoooo! What a dream that would be… @Labrinth ???” Labrinth agreed: “Let’s open a new dimension,” he wrote.

Even though the Euphoria season is over, hopefully we’ll at least get some new music to hold us over while the cast prepares for the next season. Fans, meanwhile, are still wondering about the ballad that Dominic Fike’s character Elliot launched into for five whole minutes which sparked a lot of talk online. It sparked so much talk that Fike reacted to it, saying he’d been humbled. The full soundtrack for the episode included Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” Francis Lai’s “Concerto Pour La Fin D’un Amour,” and more.