What Songs Were In The Season Two Finale Of ‘Euphoria?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

The season two finale of Euphoria will answer a lot of questions for its fans. How does Lexi’s play Oklahoma end? What happens between Maddy and Cassie? Will Cassie go off on Lexi for ruining her relationship with Nate? The questions that have accumulated from this season of Euphoria are neverending, and while we can’t count on each one being answered, we can guarantee that as always, a great soundtrack will be used to score the intense and dramatic events of season two’s finale.

Just like last week’s episode, which featured songs by Bonnie Tyler, Captain & Tenille, Bobby Darin, Labrinth, and more, this week on of Euphoria also featured a great selection of songs. The aforementioned events in this week’s episode are soundtracked by carefully curated songs that help to accentuate the emotions behind each scene.

What Songs Were In The Season Two Finale Of ‘Euphoria?’

The songs that soundtracked the standout moments on the season two finale of Euphoria are “L’amore Dice Ciao” by Armando Trovajoli and a new untitled record by Dominic Fike. “L’amore Dice Ciao” came into play as Lexi prepared to resume her play after Cassie interrupted it to confront her about its contents. That interruption came after Nate made a dramatic exit from the play, but not without breaking up with Cassie first. A fight between Cassie and Maddy ensues while the former’s mother takes to the stage to try and break things up.

As for Dominic Fike’s untitled record, it’s a song that was written by Zendaya and Labrinth as revealed in the post-episode recap. Elliot, the character Fike plays, sings the song to Rue after she visits him to apologize and thank him for saving her life. In short, the song talks about creating distance from someone you care for with the hope that they’ll use the time to improve themselves and return as a better person.

The soundtrack for this week’s episode also includes the following songs:
Kylie Minogue — “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”
Francis Lai — “Concerto Pour La Fin D’un Amour”
DJ T-Boy — “Kwaze Kwamnandi”
Lanterna — “Grey”
Philippe Sarde — “Les Choses De La Vie (Final)”
Lumix — “The Journey”
Deepstate. — “Unreal (Extended Version)”

HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ airs on Sundays at 9:00pm EST.