Kid Cudi Careens Off A Cliff In His Will Smith-Inspired ‘She Knows This’ Video

Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon III arrived overnight as promised, bringing with it his intriguing collaboration with Phoebe Bridgers and the music video for “She Knows This.” Presented as a short film, the video finds Cudi overlooking magnificent view from the balcony of a Hollywood Hills house before going inside to watch Pursuit Of Happyness (a clever call back to the first Man On The Moon). Suddenly, Will Smith’s voice switches from the movies’ dialogue to a personal address; Smith tells Cudi to “get off that couch and go pursue your destiny.”

Agreeing with the rap veteran, Cudi launches into the song as he stumbles around the living room, drinking, smoking, and yes, humming his way through the performance with a red full moon hanging in the background. Cudi then gets behind the wheel of a sports car to tear down the mountainside — not recommended under ANY circumstances, kids — before being chased by a cop cruiser and careening off a cliff. See? Don’t drink and drive. The video ends on a smash to black with a “To Be Continued” title card, which any millennial can tell you is a red herring. Rappers never actually get around to continuing their videos.

Watch the “She Knows This” mini-movie above.

Man On The Moon III: The Chosen is out now on Republic Records. Get it here.