Kid Cudi Promises ‘Man On The Moon III’ With A Nostalgic New Trailer

Kid Cudi is turning his fan-favorite series of albums into a trilogy soon, announcing the third edition of Man On The Moon today with a nostalgic trailer that reveals few details but promises the album is “coming soon.” Footage from past Cudi videos and shows flashes across the screen before Cudi himself makes an appearance, standing in silhouette on a mountainside overlooking a dazzling view of the city under a red-lit moon. Then, the familiar strains of the “Man On The Moon” theme song play as the roman numeral three resolves over a black background.

Cudi’s been busy on a lot of projects lately but there’s a reason this one may be the most exciting to his fans, as it represents a return to his musical origins and the nostalgia of his groundbreaking debut album. In addition to Man On The Moon III, though, he’s also been busy collaborating with Eminem, Kanye West, and Travis Scott, expanding his musical portfolio into the second decade of his career. He and Scott have supposedly been working on “a lot” of songs for a potential collaborative album in the wake of their successful single, “The Scotts,” while his call for Eminem’s help led to “The Adventures Of Moon Man And Slim Shady.” And while Cudi doesn’t approve of Kanye’s political activities, that hasn’t stopped them from working on a Kids See Ghosts animated series.

Watch the trailer for Man On The Moon III above.