People Have Taken Issue With Killer Mike Meeting With Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Killer Mike recently met with Georgia governor Brian Kemp to discuss the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on small businesses and the music industry, but with the state’s COVID-19 cases increasing, the gesture has received mixed reactions online.

“Today, Marty and I had a great meeting with Killer Mike,” the governor wrote in post on Twitter Wednesday. “We discussed how small businesses and the music industry are weathering the pandemic, the value of our skilled trade workers, and our fight to end human trafficking in Georgia. We look forward to seeing him again soon!” While the mood of the tweet was optimistic, many of the replies were anything but. Commentors accused Mike of allowing himself to be used as a prop, likening this instance to his previous admitted faux pas in sitting down in good faith for an interview with the NRA, only to have the footage edited to make him seem like an enthusiastic supporter — even though points were made.

Likewise, many commenters pointed out that the incumbent Brian Kemp had purged thousands of voters from rolls just ahead of the last election against Stacey Abrams — an action many say constitutes voter suppression and has Kemp facing federal investigation. Kemp’s also under fire for proposing a ban on face mask orders in the state, despite clear evidence that mandating masks helps slow the spread of viruses like the COVID-19 coronavirus.

In light of these actions, Mike’s meeting with the governor is likely disappointing to those who normally admire his outspoken political views and music. But Mike’s also a small business owner himself — one whose employees are also being affected by the pandemic. He’s also been a proponent of business ownership for Black people himself and is likely trying to be a voice of reason for the Kemp administration, even though he was a big part of Stacey Abrams’ campaign a few years ago. However, Twitter is no place for nuance, so while Mike has supporters, he’s also facing another big backlash. You can read some of the tweets below.