Killer Mike Details The Importance Of Community Organizing In A 60-Second Documentary For Cadillac

Killer Mike is as well-known for his activism and outspoken opinions as he is for his raps, making him the ideal subject for a 60-second documentary that doubles as a commercial for Cadillac detailing the importance of community organizing. Mike speaks throughout the ad as a local artist adds him to a colorful mural celebrating his positive impact. Explaining the lasting effect prior Black Atlantans had on creating opportunities for the generations after them, Mike compares their community investment to an acorn that grows into an oak tree.

Mike’s recently made efforts to leave his own acorns for future generations of Black business owners, launching a digital banking platform called Greenwood in order to provide savings and checking accounts to customers who might not ordinarily have access to them and meeting with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to discuss ways to benefit Black businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While some took issue with the latter action, calling it nothing more than a photo-op for the Governor, Mike defended himself by noting the need to form coalitions with other political factions, if only to present the ideas in the hopes of implementation. For his efforts in recent years, he was awarded the Billboard Change Maker Award at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards by for Georgia House Representative Stacey Abrams.

Watch the full 60-second documentary above.

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