Kyle Revives Craig David’s 2000 Hit ‘7 Days’ For His Soulful ‘Sunday’ Video

Look who’s back! It’s Kyle, newly independent and embracing a new role as more of a heartthrob after receiving positive responses from the more emotional, R&B-centric productions on his last album See You When I Am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! such as “What It Is” and more recent singles like “But Cha” and “Love Me Like You Say You Love Me.” His newest single, “Sunday,” continues in this vein, borrowing the acoustic guitar riff and chorus melody from British R&B star Craig David’s breakthrough 2000 hit, “7 Days.”

The video also features a very noughties premise, finding Kyle cruising with his lady in his Jeep, as well as sporting some throwback fashions, including a pair of ski goggles worn as a headband and cocked jauntily to one side (remember when we used to do that? Why did we use to do that???). Even better, the lenses are heart-shaped, really leaning into the lovey-dovey subject matter. The video does end on a somewhat ambiguous note, though, as he ends up in therapy with the same rose he held on the date earlier in the video, now wilted. I guess it didn’t work out, but at least he learned a valuable lesson about falling in love too fast.

Watch Kyle’s “Sunday” video above.