Kyle Catches A Case Of Puppy Love In His Colorful ‘But Cha’ Video

Ventura, California rapper Kyle’s video for “But Cha” contains an adorable twist. In the first half of the video, he appears to be on a date, sitting at a dinner table and sharing a stimulating conversation with the diner across from him. He offers his “date” a present which, when opened, is revealed to be a bejeweled collar — his “date” is actually his puppy, who makes quizzical doggy faces for the rest of the video as Kyle exhibits infatuated pet owner behaviors like sharing a bath with the pup and dressing them up.

The video’s a classic example of the good-natured artist’s witty sense of humor. The second season of his hilarious animated variety show, Sugar & Toys, just concluded on Fuse, while Kyle himself is about eight months removed from the release of his second album, See You When I Am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!, which similarly included tongue-in-cheek videos for singles like “Money Now,” in which he commandeers Tyga’s house for an episode of MTV’s Cribs, and the title song, where Kyle’s puppy gets a front-row seat to a stereotypical rap video pool party with scantily clad models and Too Short guest appearances.

Sharing his thoughts on making funny videos instead of serious ones with Uproxx in 2019, Kyle explained his humor. “I really like relating to the most innocent parts of people,” he said. “So, the morning cartoon is just such a nostalgic thing that every human, every race, ethnicity, rich, poor… we all experience the same thing. We all went through it, we all have those memories.”

Watch Kyle’s “But Cha” video.