People Think Lil Nas X’s BET Performance Make-Out Is A Huge Moment For Pride And Queer Acceptance

Lil Nas X has been breaking down barriers since the beginning of his career. First, he bridged genres between country and hip-hop with his introductory single, “Old Town Road,” then, he broke multiple records with how popular that tongue-in-cheek, campy song was. After that, he became even more influential by choosing to come out, and live openly in his queerness.

Tonight, he raised the stakes even higher by making out with one of his male dancers during a performance of “Montereo (Call Me By Your Name)” at the BET Awards. Calling back to that infamous kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears, it’s a much more powerful statement for a young Black, queer man to do this on national television — during Pride — than it was for those two women back then.

Since it came as such a surprise, fans and celebrities alike are reacting to the moment, uplifting and praising Nas for both his bravery and self-acceptance, condoning his choice to be himself so openly. It shouldn’t be revolutionary for him to kiss another man at an event like the BET Awards, and maybe because of his choice to be so open, one day soon it won’t be. Check out reactions below.