Lil Nas X Celebrates Becoming A First-Time Homeowner At Age 21

Lil Nas X has come a long way since uploading his first song to SoundCloud in 2018. The musician has gone on to break chart records, become a best-selling author, and have the most-certified song in music history. Now, Lil Nas X can check another major milestone off his list.

At just 21 years old, Lil Nas X is officially a first-time homeowner. The rapper recently closed a deal on the first house he purchased with his own money, and to celebrate, Lil Nas X shared some photos in his new crib. “bought my first house today,” he wrote on social media alongside selfies with his house keys, inside his kitchen, and beside a massive hot tub.

While he bought this house off the market, Lil Nas X informed a follower that he plans on designing a future house himself. “this the first one! the next one i’ll create myself,” he wrote.

Buying a house is a huge accomplishment for Lil Nas X, as he wasn’t able to move into his own apartment until 2019. The rapper discussed a handful of his memorable life moments in a series of recent TikTok videos, where he got real about depression and family issues during his rise to fame. The rapper revealed that his mother has been in-and-out of rehab while battling addiction and, at one point, he was forced to move in with his abusive brother. But despite his personal struggles, the rapper still managed to become a Grammy-winning artist and continues his successful career.

Check out photos of Lil Nas X in his first house above.