Lil Nas X Refutes (Jokingly, Perhaps) A Fan’s Heartwarming Story About Meeting Him At The 2022 VMAs

Lil Nas X had a big night at the 2022 MTV VMAs this past weekend as he walked away with some awards. His evening apparently also included a chance encounter with a fan, who excitedly shared their story online.

The post, titled “Just met Lil Nas X” and shared to the r/offmychest subreddit, racked up over 9,700 upvotes before it was deleted by the user who posted it (potentially a sign that they fabricated the story and removed it after it got more attention than expected). Nas shared a Pop Crave tweet about the post and added, “this is not true. i am very mean in person. i once slapped a fan for singing the lyrics to industry baby wrong.”

The parts about Nas being “very mean and person” and slapping a fan are clearly jokes, although it’s possible he is actually denying the story, despite the goofing around. Even if the encounter did really happen (which, again, is up in the air), the rapper may not have remembered it anyway, as he was “drunk af” at the show and only realized the next day that he won three awards.

Read the full Reddit post below.

“It’s my birthday, I work low level in the entertainment industry. I was able to secure sh*tty tickets to the VMAs to see Nicki Minaj. I headed out after she performed because long drive home.

The elevator attendant at Prudential Center accidentally let me off on some kind of high security floor. Lil Nas X appeared out of nowhere as I was trying to find the exit. I’m a shy person so it took a lot for me to approach him and I didn’t want to be annoying but it’s my birthday and this opportunity seemed once in a lifetime, so I did.

I said (awkwardly) ‘Montero?’ He said ‘yeesss?’ I said ‘I’m not supposed to be here I’m sorry but can I get a picture with you?’ He said laughingly ‘yes but tell me I look classy’ (he was in his VMA outfit). I did obviously and he was so nice and posed and then suggested we change lighting so the pics would be better. It was really nice. We took a bunch of cute pics.

I’m an unpaid intern and meet a lot of assholes in this industry. It was really nice to meet someone I admire and find out they’re a genuinely nice person. That’s all!!!”