Lil Nas X Finally Gives A Release Date For His Long-Awaited Single, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’

Last summer, Lil Nas X shared a video of him singing to an unreleased single as he drove around town, a track that was later revealed to be called “Call Me By Your Name.” While some may have thought the singer would release the song soon thereafter, it never arrived. Instead Lil Nas continued to promote and tease it through his TikTok page, using it as background music for his numerous comical posts, the most recent example being his excellent Tekashi 69 troll. Now, after more than eight months, the “Old Town Road” singer has finally given a release date for the long-awaited track.

In a post to Twitter, Lil Nas X revealed that the upcoming single — whose full title is “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” after his government name, Montero Hill — would arrive on March 26. He also shared the cover art for the track, which depicts a black-haired version of himself shooting an arrow at a red-haired version of himself. The image reimagines Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam painting, featuring clouds and vines that cover the nude singer’s private parts. “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” will also be Lil Nas’ first single since last November’s “Holiday.”

The news of the new single comes after Lil Nas celebrated being a first-time homeowner at only 21. He shared some selfies of him inside the new house and revealed that his next home would be built from scratch.