Lil Pump Endorsed Donald Trump But Reportedly Never Even Registered To Vote

Lil Pump enraged many of his supporters several weeks ago when he endorsed Donald Trump for reelection just days ahead of election day. Much like 50 Cent’s short-lived Trump endorsement, Pump declared his support for the president was due to a disdain for Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan, which could potentially increase taxes only for those making over $400,000 a year. While Pump’s viral Trump-supporting antics turned many heads, it has now come to light that the rapper reportedly didn’t even vote come Election Day.

Pump was personally invited on stage by Trump himself at a MAGA rally in Michigan just hours before polls opened on November 3. But despite his avid support, the Florida rapper did not participate in swaying his home state to red because according to a new report from The Smoking Gun the rapper wasn’t even registered to vote on Election Day — and still isn’t.

Pump is only 20 years old, meaning this year would have been the first time he was eligible to participate in a presidential election. But because Florida has specific voter laws, the deadline for Pump register to vote in the state was 29 days before the election, or October 5. That means the rapper had already missed his chance to cast a ballot when he originally endorsed Trump and later showed up at the Michigan rally.

The rapper’s ineligibility to vote didn’t stop him from voicing his political opinion, however. In the days following the election, Pump continued to sport a MAGA hat in Instagram photos, and even changed his bio name to Lil Pimp, which is what Trump mistakenly referred to him as during the Michigan rally.