Lil Xan Is Being Investigated For Assault With A Deadly Weapon After Pulling A Gun On A Critic

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Lil Xan is being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon after brandishing a gun at a gas station during an argument, according to TMZ. While the 22 year old rapper contends that he only did so in self-defense, the LAPD’s robbery-homicide division is treating the case as a possible felony.

Right now, the alleged victim only has to claim that he felt his life was in danger to make the charge stick. Since he had apparently put some distance between himself and Xan, Xan’s actions could be seen as escalating or re-engaging a situation that had already ended, even though the alleged victim was the one who initiated the confrontation. TMZ says that police are trying to pull video from nearby businesses and apartment buildings which could provide more context, since the video posted by the accuser picks up after the argument has begun. Detectives also plan to interview Xan himself before making their next move.

The argument started when the alleged victim accosted Xan at the gas station over his 2018 comments calling Tupac’s music “boring.” It wasn’t the first time the rapper was menaced over his opinion — he was chased by angry Tupac fans shortly after the comments surfaced. He was also forced to cancel a recent concert after it was threatened with a shooting. These past incidents lend some weight to his claim that he felt threatened, but now police will have to determine whether that was really the case or whether he was just showing off.