Lil Yachty Goes Soft-Rock In The Fluffy Video For ‘Love Music’

Earlier today, I wrote about how rappers in 2021 are breaking out of their comfort zones and trying new things, unconcerned with fitting archetypes or remaining stuck with one consistent sound like rappers of the past. Lil Yachty’s new song, “Love Music,” offers a perfect example. Rather than relying on the bass-heavy, bombastic trap that he’s been kicking around the last couple of years or even reverting to his early cartoon-trap styles, this song sees him going soft-rock like it’s 2005 all over again.

Naturally, the video is accompanied by a colorful video full of fluffy cotton candy clouds and six-foot sunflowers, which surround Yachty and his leading lady as they hold hands, have a picnic with Baskin Robbins, and Yachty turns into a real-life heart eyes emoji. The cutesy aesthetic is a sharp contrast to Yachty’s most recent work with the grimy grifters of the Detroit rap scene on Michigan Boy Boat, but right in line with the playful image he cultivated early in his career and still maintains with Reece’s Puffs raps and movies based on Uno.

“Love Music” is also part of a general shift in the landscape toward the sounds of the 2000s — namely pop-punk, which pervades new and upcoming releases from the likes of MGK, Willow Smith, and Young Thug. Once again, Yachty’s playing the part of trendsetter, providing the poppier counterpoint to the aggressive (but still fun) music being made by his contemporaries.

Watch Lil Yachty’s “Love Music” video above.