Logic Channels ‘The Boondocks’ In An Animated Trailer For His New Album, ‘College Park’

Rappers continue to be really bad at retiring. Logic, who announced his own retirement in 2020 with No Pressure, has since released two albums and two mixtapes, and recently announced his third is on the way. College Park follows 2022’s Vinyl Days and looks to continue the Maryland rapper’s tradition of packing his projects the brim with appearances from famous supporters. In this case, he dropped an Boondocks-style animated teaser to reveal the album’s title and guestlist, which includes RZA, Redman, Joey Badass, Norah Jones, and even Seth MacFarlane, creator of the long-running animated sitcom Family Guy.

When Logic first announced his retirement, he explained in a video interview, “I just wanted to retire because I’m over it man. Not even in a negative way, I’m just over it. I love music and I’m gonna continue to make music on my own. I can’t not just make music. It’s a journal for me. It’s how I express myself. It’s how I heal, but with Logic, I’m stepping away.” Of course, that retirement only lasted a few months; he quickly broke his silence in January 2021 — albeit in a roundabout way — with the mixtape Planetory Destruction, released under an alter ego, Doctor Destruction. He followed up with the YS Collection Vol. 1 compilation showcasing the roster he’d put together for his label, Visionary, then dropped the mixtape Bobby Tarantino III a few months later. Just ahead of the new year, he returned with a freestyle, asserting that for him, rap is “not a contest.” Whether that’s true or not, it seems he just can’t leave the game alone.

Watch the College Park trailer above.