Logic Recruits An Eminem Body Double For His Tongue-In-Cheek ‘Homicide’ Video

Fans who were waiting for Logic and Eminem to finally team up on a record got their wish when the hyper-lyrical pair linked up for “Homicide” from Logic’s Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind album, but unfortunately, the video doesn’t feature Eminem. Instead, the video opens with Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg — who is also Em’s manager — leaving Logic a disappointed voicemail that he doesn’t think Eminem will make the video. This leads Bobby and his own manager to take some interesting steps — namely, recruiting a pair of off-the-wall body doubles to perform their rapid-fire verses.

And so, in the “video,” Logic is played by Chauncey Leopardi — that’s right, the actor who played Michael “Squints” Palledorous in the 1993 movie The Sandlot — who seems pretty amped to have the job and does a pretty serviceable job at imitating Logic’s mannerisms as he lip-syncs his way through his half of the song (props to Logic for poking fun at himself). But the real hilarity begins when Eminem’s double is introduced — it’s none other than comedian Chris D’Elia, whose goofy parody videos imitating Em’s heavily assonant flow got the attention of Em himself and actually wound up at the end of “Homicide” as a kind of cheeky coda.

And that’s where the video delivers the coup de grace. Of course, Eminem is in the video, playing Chris D’Elia in a pitch-perfect impression of an impression — Impress-ception. Check out the creatively sardonic video above.