Ludacris Calls Himself ‘The Worst Hoarder Of All,’ But Has A Smart Solution For It

In a new interview with The Breakfast Club, Ludacris calls himself the “worst” hoarder but reveals that he has a smart solution to help him cope with it. “My wife will tell you I am the worst when it comes to hoarding,” he says. “My wife’s family, they still live in Africa, so everything I hoard we put on this container that goes across the water and I give it to everybody in Africa who’s going to appreciate it so much more than any family members or anybody I could give to in the United States of America. I am the worst hoarder of all, trust.”

Even if he didn’t send all his stuff abroad to share the wealth, it’s unlikely he’d have trouble finding the space for it. In another recent interview, he admitted that his 22-acre property is so large, he didn’t even realize it had such amenities as a tennis court until he had to quarantine last year during the pandemic. Among the things he’s held onto is a ’90s-era Acura Legend he still drives, despite having over 250,000 miles on it. He told the show’s hosts that “I’ve had that car now two decades. There are things that you have for your whole life and that’s one of those things that’s a staple in my life. I had it before the deal and commercial success, so I’m gonna ride it literally until the wheels fall off.”

That’s a fitting quote for a star of the Fast & Furious series, who’s even held onto childhood habits like devouring Jif peanut butter by the jarful — even during his studio sessions, as he does in a recent ad for the brand featuring Gunna.

Watch the interview above.