Majid Jordan Praises A New Lover That Provides Relief Like The ‘Summer Rain’ On Their Latest Song

It’s amazing that Majid Jordan decided to stick around with their fans for once this year. Next month will mark four years since the duo delivered with their debut album, The Space Between to the world. The project was a quality output and those who enjoyed looked forward to more. Unfortunately, for the better part of the years since that album, supporters of Majid Jordan were left high and dry to wait for the duo’s next release which, thankfully, arrived earlier this year. Their outputs continue with their latest release, “Summer Rain.” On the track, they commend their new lover for calming their stress just like the summer rain does in a heatwave.

Majid Jordan’s 2021 return began this past spring with the release of “Waves Of Blue.” The confident single was the perfect way to begin their comeback as the duo used pop-leaning production for an upbeat free-floating track that found them pouring their heart to an unnamed love interest. They followed up that song with “Been Through That,” a dancefloor-friendly track that touched on the different levels of love. Majid Jordan spoke about both songs in a tweet prior to the release of “Been Through That.”

“’Waves of Blue’ was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song,” they wrote. “This song is like staring at the sea – you’re not in the water, but you’re getting carried away by its currents.”

You can press play on “Summer Rain” in the video above.

Majid Jordan is a Warner Music artist. .