Meek Mill And Rick Ross’ ‘Shaq & Kobe’ Video Is The Duo’s Dominating Display Of Their Own Musical Mamba Mentality

The rap reunion most fans thought would never happen has arrived. Rappers Meek Mill and Rick Ross joined forces on their new collaborative track, “Shaq & Kobe.” The Maybach Music Group members’ rumored falling-out is water under the bridge as the two floated across the track produced by ATL Jacob.

Instead of flooding the record with tons of name flips of the late Kobe Bryant, the dynamic duo embodiment his “Mamba mentality.” Neither waste a bar on a warm-up because there’s no time. Both jump straight into their performance to display their lyrical dominance. On the chorus, they paid homage to Bryant on the record’s chorus, both rapping, “Too much money and power / Walk up in the spot and punched the stuffings, keep tuckin’ the chopper / Too much money and power / Hustle in twenty-four hours.”

Ross takes a moment in his solo verse to address his lavish living arrangements (where the buffalos roam) that caused a stir with neighbors back in March. “Ya b*tch still at home with her mind blown / I got a pool of parrots and some buffaloes / And I got a pool in Paris in a bungalow / Still flippin’ numbers talking summer sauce / Everybody get to eat, that’s what a winner called / Sippin’ champagne, I own it myself / You n****s better learn to own you some wealth,” bragged Ross.

Watch the video for “Shaq & Kobe” above.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.