Megan The Stallion Apparently Approved The ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Photos Her Fans Are Criticizing

Although Megan Thee Stallion’s fans were critical of the Harper’s Bazaar photos that accompanied her cover story in the March issue, apparently, Megan herself loved them. Not only did she share the photos herself on her Instagram, but the photographer taking heat for the “lifeless” shots revealed that Megan had plenty of input on them before the issue went online.

The photographer, Collier Schorr, posted the photos to his own Instagram, offering some backstory on the shots in his caption. Characterizing the shoot as “a most remarkable experience,” Schorr explained that Megan “discussed each picture and edited afterwards with me. In charge of herself.” Schorr said their work was made in “total collaboration as it should be,” saying he’s “grateful to work this way.”

Of course, some fans noted that the stills Megan posted to her Instagram have been brightened with Instagram’s tools, drawing the comparison between the approved photos and the ones she shared with her fans.

More than anything, the entire incident appears to be an instance of fans being protective of one of their favorite artists. The way fans invest in artists is completely different in the era of social media when artists can communicate directly without media outlets as a go-between, and as we’ve seen recently in the Framing Britney Spears documentary, fans and artists alike both have more than enough reason to distrust some outlets.

However, there’s no agreeing with someone’s taste 100 percent of the time. Fans drawn to Megan’s usual colorful, anime-inspired looks might have expected something similar from her Harper’s shoot, while Megan herself may have wanted a more down-to-earth look. While it is important to question unconscious biases and call out representation in media, sometimes, it’s just as important to consider getting the truth straight from the horse’s mouth — no pun intended.