DaBaby’s Upcoming Collab With Tory Lanez Draws Criticism From Fans, Megan Responds

Update: Megan Thee Stallion responded to the accusations against DaBaby by revealing the behind-the-scenes video shoot photo shared by Tory is “old and not cleared.” She then advised that the “Cry Baby” video is coming soon.

DaBaby is no stranger to online criticism. The North Carolina rapper has been censured for accidentally striking a woman in the face during a concert in early 2020, holding concerts during the ongoing pandemic, and even posting his lunch purchase from Chik-Fil-A on Twitter. Up until now, though, he’s taken the most punishment over his music — particularly for only having one gear when it comes to his flows. However, his music is taking flak for another reason today: Working with Tory Lanez on a new song, which the latter promoted on his Instagram this afternoon.

News that DaBaby has crossed the proverbial picket line that popped up around Tory after he was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion is especially distressing for fans in light of DaBaby and Megan’s relationship, which has seen the pair collaborate a number of times as their breakouts coincided with each other, most recently on the song “Cry Baby” from Megan’s debut album Good News. Coincidentally, Good News was also notable for being the first time Megan rapped about the shooting incident, addressing Tory’s rebuttals of her accusal from his album Daystar.

While Tory didn’t reveal the title of the new song or its release date, it’s drawn enough attention on social media to ensure that it at least elicits a wave of curiosity streams — which is likely the desired result of his latest controversy-baiting maneuver. Meanwhile, fans were quick to express their displeasure at DaBaby’s perceived disloyalty to Megan. While fans’ assumptions are based on their perception of the two artists as friends, one can certainly understand why they could read into it DaBaby’s latest move and one thing is for sure: “Cry Baby” is likely to be the last collaboration between Meg and DaBaby.

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