Missy Elliott Completes Her Night At The Museum With The Raucous ‘Cool Off’ Video

Missy Elliott’s musical museum narrative is far from over. Today, Missy shared the rambunctious video for “Cool Off,” the latest single from her 2019 EP, Iconology. Unlike in the videos for “DripDemeanor,” “Throw It Back,” and “Why I Still Love You,” in the video for “Cool Off,” Missy and director Teyana “Spike Tee” Taylor do away with the intro, getting right into the riotous dance party as Missy transforms into a living work of art.

At the end of the video, the little girl representing young Missy chats it up with museum curator Teyana Taylor, who tells her to follow her dreams, prompting an extended dance sequence as the credits play alongside her, bringing the complete video EP to its final end — and begging the viewer to return to the beginning and watch all four videos straight through once again. Iconology was Missy’s first new project in 14 years, which explains why she put so much work into its visual components. Don’t be surprised if Missy releases an extended short film tying the narrative together.

For now, press play above to watch the “Cool It Off” video.

Iconology is out now on Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. .