People Couldn’t Tell If Monica’s ‘Verzuz’ Outfit Consisted Of Pants Or Boots

Brandy and Monica joined forces Monday night for a record-breaking edition of Verzuz, a live series where musicians go head-to-head with their biggest hits. The event garnered over a million concurrent viewers and Kamala Harris even surprised the singers with a cameo. While the battle when off without a hitch, there was one big question on everyone’s mind. Was Monica wearing beige vinyl pants or just very high-cut boots?

Because Monica was seated for most of the battle, fans weren’t easily able to decipher what exactly her outfit consisted of, and the pants versus boots debate ensued in the comment section. Even celebrities like Tyler The Creator and Solange went back-and-forth on the topic. Tyler was convinced that Monica was rocking a pair of long boots while Solange stood her ground on the fact the singer was sporting pants with sandals.

Solange decided to settle the debate once and for all. The singer hopped on Twitter and created a poll which simply asked: boots or pants? But the answer wasn’t so simple and fans were nearly split down the middle.

Though the Verzuz matchup broke viewing records, it almost didn’t happen. When asked about the potential for the battle, Brandy revealed she was under the impression that Monica had turned down the opportunity. “I heard that she doesn’t wanna do it,” Brandy said. “The last thing I heard is she pretty much turned it down, she didn’t want to be a part of that, but I understand.” Thankfully, the singers were able to work things out and reunite for the first time in nine years on the Verzuz stage.