Nickelback Praised Lizzo After A Video Of Her Declaring ‘They Get Way Too Much Sh*t’ Resurfaced

Lizzo is the queen of compliments. The “Special” singer has made it a habit to publicly compliment other musicians she’s fond of, including SZA, Adele, and Beyoncé. Now, in a newly resurfaced clip, the songwriter didn’t hold back from showing love to the rock band Nickelback.

In the video, which dates back to 2019, Lizzo sat down with CBS Music to play a game of Jam Or Not A Jam. On the docket was the band’s 2001 song “How You Remind Me.” After being asked to put the song in one of the respective categories, Lizzo quickly says, ‘I think that this is a jam.’ But she didn’t stop there.

Well, it looks like Nickelback has finally seen the clip. To return the praises to the singer, they reposted it on Instagram, with the caption, “Thank you @lizzobeating for the kind words!”

Taking it a step further, adding, “Open invite any show any time… maybe see you in Houston this summer?”

During the segment, Lizzo asked, “Why do people not like Nickelback? I feel like Nickelback gets way too much sh*t,” referring to some of the hate they receive for their style of music. However, Lizzo believes it for another reason, “[Is it] because he [singer Chad Kroeger] had a curly blond perm? That’s the only reason they get sh*t because this is an amazing song.”

Kroeger also received a subtle compliment, as Lizzo said, “it has a beautiful climax,” in reference to his vocal build-up as she mimicked his singing style.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. .