A Purported Petition By Nicki Minaj’s Neighbors To Demand She Move Was Apparently A Troll Job

Update: TMZ now reports that the petition against Nicki Minaj and her husband was apparently created by Cardi B stans as a troll and it is unclear (and unlikely) that any of her actual neighbors signed. A screenshot of a tweet from late December (y’all were doing this fake gangbanging nonsense on CHRISTMAS!?) shared the link to the petition with the caption, “We, as nicki antis, can turn the residents of Hidden Hills AGAINST Nicki and her pedo husband moving in, hurting her assets in the process.” The headline of this story has been updated to reflect TMZ’s update.


Nicki Minaj has been having a ball exploring “Barbie World” with her protégé Ice Spice. Unfortunately, things aren’t as fantastic back in Hidden Hills, California. According to TMZ, the rapper’s neighbors have launched a petition to request that she and her husband, Kenneth Petty, move out of the community.

In the e-filing, the homeowners express their concerns over Petty’s criminal past precisely because he is a registered sex offender. Although the couple has vigorously denied any wrongdoing in the 1995 case, residents in the posh community aren’t having that. Petty has stated that his alleged victim was a “Willing participant” in the act. While the music super has stated that she believes in uncertain terms that the accuser is only looking for a payday at her expense.

Over the week, the petition has gained some traction, starting with just over one hundred signees. It now has racked up over eight hundred signatures and counting.

The multi-million dollar mansion purchased in December was supposed to be a fresh start for them and their young child, but it is turning out to be the complete opposite. In the meantime, the couple has many other legal matters to tend to, including a defamation case against the legal representative for Petty’s accuser.